Berkeley Thai Massage

Berkeley Thai Massage
All injuries healed here.

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I now split time between Berkeley and the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles treating people, while living in LA full-time. You can be contacted prior to any planned trips to Berkeley and the San Francisco Bay Area.

If you need a quick turnaround for an appointment, you should definitely consider some other massage therapist.

Traditional Thai Massage will:

  • Heal all of your structural injuries
  • Improve your range of motion
  • Eliminate chronic pain
  • Increase flexibility of your muscles
  • Dramatically improve your posture

I am focused on ending the chronic pain in your body as quickly and efficiently as possible. You will feel incredible relief from your pain or you do not have to pay me.
Daniel Carr

I have a superior technique from private training with Blind Masters in Thailand and the physical skill from being a Tai Chi and Kung Fu master to deliver it.

Though the treatments are quite intense, you will be happy and amazed with the results.

Daniel Carr

There is no reason to suffer needlessly when the expertise to heal your body is now within reach. There is also no reason to sign on to long expensive, and mostly ineffective treatment plans.

Use Blind Thai Massage to free your body from chronic with Chi Kung, Hatha Yoga and/or Kung Fu to lift your body to new heights.

Most structural injuries can be repaired with traditional Thai Massage.

I have been certified by these prestigious Thailand Institutions in Bangkok and Chiang Mai:

I have thousands of hours of practical experience in the study, treatment, training, and instruction of Thai Massage, and many satisfied clients who have given written testimony to the results.

Most importantly, I have trained intensely with a
Blind Master in Thailand who has shown me many techniques typically reserved for the Blind Massage Therapsist of Thailand.

This man pictured below, Yong Kiat, has spent 100's of hours training me.

This technique is used for curing sciatica.

This technique is used to treat the psoas muscle. The manipulation of the psoas, critical for sciatica sufferers, is done through the abdomen, a technique that requires great skill.

The services offered include only the highest quality:

As a full time Kung Fu, Muay Thai, and Tai Chi trainer who had many injuries from training and competing in San Shou tournament fighting, I went to Thailand not only to learn this ancient art, but to rehabilitate my own body:

If the injuries I sustained from competing can be fixed with Thai Yoga Massage, I can guarantee that your situation can IMPROVE DRAMATICALLY.

Many of my clients had seen doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and physical therapists with little or no success before being worked on by me.

I have letters of recommendation from amazed clients who had no hope that they would enjoy another day in their lives PAIN FREE.

Being a Kung Fu and Tai Chi Master gives me the physical power to work deep tissue repair on a muscular level and the energetic ability to work with your nervous system.

I also studied Yoga abroad in India intensively to provide you with the most authentic, traditional Yoga exercises for injury rehabilitation and personal practice.

You can try an introductory consultation bodywork session just for your neck, back, shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, or ankle first before doing a full two hour treatment.


To Make An Appointment, Please Email:
Daniel Carr