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Berkeley Thai Massage

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Initial Consultation

Therapeutic Thai Massage sessions can be either exclusively or a mix of:

  • Bangkok Style: stronger pressure, slower with longer holds on individual points
  • Northern Style: not as quiet as deep, more points and emphasis on Sen energy line opening, more stretching

A typical Thai Massage is a two-plus hour treatment of bodywork that can be modified to extend to three hours or be reduced to an hour. A good place to start is with Northern Style, as it is easier to accept than the deeper Bangkok Style.

If you have injuries, stronger techniques from the Bangkok Style will have to be incorporated at some point. It is not always pleasant, but quite rewarding when dealing with real injuries. Doing the Northern Style first will really ease the overall experience of receiving the deep bodywork of the Bangkok Style.

You can look forward to upon arrival:

  • A brief interview regarding your health.
  • Over 2 hours of the highest quality bodywork, the majority of it focused on opening up the energy lines of the body.
  • Gentle to aggressive stretching, depending on your individual needs.
  • If necessary, recommendations on further treatments and rehabilitaion.

In this length session, every part of the body, from the feet to the head to the fingertips, is worked on intelligently and deeply. Most people who have had deep work in the past know how vital it is for injury repair. It will be quite clear to you as we progress where you have identifiable adhesions, spasms, etc. I will give you the option of doing therapy at that point, respecting your wishes.

This first bodywork session is designed to heal any structural injury that you may have at present safely: you will feel improvements in range of motion as well as a deep sense of relaxation.

You will most probably feel sore the day after, perhaps two. The soreness felt is your body beginning to heal itself. Healing and soreness go hand in hand.

If you are not quite ready for two hour treatment, you can either focus on the most problematic area of you body or do an abbreviated full body massage.

Each one of these sessions is approximately one hour:

  • Neck, Shoulders, and Arms
  • Upper Back and Neck
  • The Whole Spine
  • Lower Back and Hips
  • Hips and Legs
  • Knees and Legs
  • Ankles and Legs

You can expect to make significant and positive progress in your condition with any of the above.

One of these sessions is regularly $150, but it will discounted on the first treatment to $100. This price is for in-office treatment. Traveling to you will cost more.

At the end of your first session, we will know much more about your body's individual needs. At that point, we can make specific suggestions as to what your best course of action may be with respect to additional bodywork and/or Yoga and Kung Fu exercises to help strengthen you.

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